Our clinicial team at Seating Matters is made up of Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy so we have a unique understanding of our patient needs when it comes to seating.

We are changing the world of healthcare seating and through this blog we are educating fellow clinicians with informational videos and how to articles,  as well as sharing key industry news, and highlighting research to support evidence based practice.

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Jess Now Sitting in Her "Life Changing" Chair That Helps With Her EDS and POTS.

Jess Hodges is 26 and lives in Lincolnshire, UK with her parents.  Jess suffers from various conditions that effect ...

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Seating Matters March 15, 2018 /

in Case Study, EDS, POTS, Epilepsy

Tissue Viability Nurse

Every day, a tissue viability nurse assists in the prevention of skin breakdown and facilitating in the healing of ...

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Martina Tierney OT March 05, 2018 /

FAQ: How Often Should a Patient be Repositioned in a Chair?

At Seating Matters, a commonly asked question we are approached with is, how often should I reposition my patient?...

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Martina Tierney OT February 19, 2018 /

I Would Like Your Help!

 I would just like to thank you for your passion to help those in need. Please pass on our information and help us to ...

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Martina Tierney OT February 15, 2018 /

The Occupational Health of Caregivers

At Seating Matters, not only do we care about the patients seated in our chairs, but also the welfare and well-being ...

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Martina Tierney OT February 15, 2018 /

Why Carry Out A Randomised Control Trial?

At Seating Matters we frequently make reference to our clinical research project, carried out by Ulster University. ...

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Martina Tierney OT December 12, 2017 /

in Clinical Research

Early Mobilization Using Seating Matters Chairs

Prolonged bed rest and immobility contribute negatively to the physical function, pressure management and quality of ...

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Comfortable and Safe Seating in Care Facility is a Success in Reducing Falls for Dementia Residents

It is always such a joy to hear and see our chairs being used to help so many people and assist clinicians to achieve ...

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Choosing The Right Chair for Someone Living with Alzheimer's Disease

Today I want to share with you the story of Katy Gartside and her family.  They came up against an issue that we see ...

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