Our clinicial team at Seating Matters is made up of Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy so we have a unique understanding of our patient needs when it comes to seating.

We are changing the world of healthcare seating and through this blog we are educating fellow clinicians with informational videos and how to articles,  as well as sharing key industry news, and highlighting research to support evidence based practice.

Martin Tierney

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What is the Price of a Chair?

One of the most common questions we are asked at Seating Matters is “How much do your chairs cost?”....

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Martin Tierney January 07, 2019 /

Lynsey Cameron, NHS Lanarkshire & Care Inspectorate Talk Seating Matters

Interesting document published by the Care Inspectorate as a simple and easy to understand guide as to why Seating ...

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification Updated


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BBC Radio Ulster to Feature Seating Matters Discussing Clinical Research and KTP

We are looking forward to featuring on this week's BBC Radio Ulster programme, Inside Business.  I was asked to be ...

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Martin Tierney January 27, 2017 /

in KTP, Clinical Research

Rethinking Health Budgets

I was reading the BBC News today and headlining the front pages were ambitious plans to improve the health system in ...

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Martin Tierney October 25, 2016 /

in Industry News

Welcoming Motion Specialties to the Seating Matters Family

Seating Matters are delighted to introduce the newest addition to the Canadian branch of the family - Motion ...

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Martin Tierney October 06, 2016 /

Seating Matters Secure Contract with the World's Largest Healthcare System

Seating Matters are delighted to announce a new contract that has been secured with the US Federal Government to ...

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Martin Tierney September 26, 2016 /

in VA




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