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Jack previously sat in unsafe chairs which offered him very little postural support and/or pressure management. This lack of support, and poor positioning, meant that he was in constant pain whilst sitting out during the day.

nullJack also had problems with falling from the chair, which was very dangerous and scary for both himself, his mother, and other family members. The lack of postural support in the chair, failed to accommodate and support his scoliosis, or provide a safe and comfortable seating position. Very often, Jack would slump over to the side, affecting his ability to eat, breathe, and rest in the chair, as well as hindering him from performing any basic functional tasks.

Jack was also unable to reposition himself in his chair, and relied on family members to constantly reposition him throughout the day whenever he fell into poor posture.

Once Jack’s mother arranged a Seating Assessment  with Seating Matters, their local Seating Specialist visited the family, subsequently recommending a Kidz Phoenix for Jack to try. As standard, the Kidz Phoenix comes with inbuilt pressure management throughout, as well as adjustable neck, head and shoulder supports. All supports are padded with pressure management materials, which ended up offering abundant support for Jack’s scoliosis and catering for his postural and pressure care needs.

nullSince receiving his Kidz Phoenix, Jack, who lacks the ability to communicate verbally, is clearly much happier in his new chair, with his Mother reporting that he ‘talks with his eyes and smiles.’ It is widely believed by clinicians and his family that Jack’s chair has acted as a vital component in improving his quality of life and extending it beyond previous medical predictions.

Jack’s chair has now become his ‘safe place’, and he can now comfortably recline, tilt, and take a nap without the fear of falling, or his posture being compromised. Improved upright positioning has also increased his ability to perform some basic functional tasks and whilst in the chair, his breathing and digestion have also improved. Overall, the new chair now keeps Jack and his mother very happy and content.


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Note - the purpose of this blog is to give an overview of the product with some tips to consider on its use. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis, prescription or treatment and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. For advice with your personal health or that of someone in your care, consult your doctor or appropriate medical professional.

*These results should not be interpreted as a predictor or guarantee of future financial or clinical outcomes with different patients. Clinicians and users must employ correct decision making, undertake proper assessments, education, comply with local regulations and ensure correct use of equipment. The resulting report from this randomized control trial shows that the study consisted of 38 participants from 3 nursing home settings, who were randomly assigned to control and intervention groups using computer-generated numbers. The study’s results in regard to pressure ulcers has been calculated from the change in pressure ulcers/pressure injuries/skin redness in both the intervention and control group. As a pilot study of a specific nature, it was not blinded. The measurement of pressure ulcers was observational and the analysis of the results included various forms, not including statistical analysis. The study has been reviewed and presented at over 30 academic conferences in 3 continents and is pending publication in a respected peer-reviewed journal. 




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