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Advice on Seating For Covid-19 patients - safe use, rental & discharge.

As ICU, CCU and Respiratory Wards across the country move to caring for Covid-19 patients, we’re seeing a large increase in demand for purchases and rentals of clinical, therapeutic seating.

I’m writing this short article to let you know how some acute care hospitals and their intensive care and critical care units are using such seating to help their patients during this time. If this information is useful to you, please feel free to pass it along to your colleagues to help improve patient care.

If you have need for a rental or purchase of urgent clinical seating, please CONTACT US. We’re working at pace to get products to where they are needed most urgently and would be proud to help.

Thank you for all your work,

Martina Tierney, Occupational Therapist


The Seating Matters clinical, therapeutic seating is clinically designed and supported by a strong evidence base to support their efficacy with highly dependent patients. They are used in intensive care, critical care and respiratory wards across the world. With the correct use of clinical, therapeutic seating, clinicians* report;

  • Improved blood oxygen levels: The average oxygen saturation value when measured while sitting in an upright position in such clinical seating was significantly higher than that measured when the individual was lying.
  • Early mobilisation: The Seating Matters chairs have been used in early mobilisation, even of a highly dependent patient, to get them to a sitting position to aid respiration, digestion, elimination and other physiological functions.
  • Compatible with other medical devices: This clinical, therapeutic seating is often used in conjunction with other medical devices and the simplicity of the chair means they can easily be adjusted by care staff on the unit.
  • Reduced pressure ulcer risk: The tilt in space function aids in the repositioning of the patient to reduce peak pressure under the pelvis and has been used effectively in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • Easily cleaned & disinfected: The Clinician’s Guide to Infection Control outlines how the Seating Matters clinical, therapeutic seating have been designed to inhibit the growth of pathogens on the surfaces of the product. In fact, the vinyl used has been tested & shown to be destructive to coronavirus. To learn more about this testing, request your free copy of The Clinician’s Guide to Infection Control here.
  • Can aid discharge: As our products are used in acute care and community care both, this can aid discharge. Seating Assessments can be conducted in the acute setting and a suitable chair can then be delivered to the community to aid fast discharge with the appropriate seating.*
  • Fast delivery for urgent needs: We have a team of Seating Specialists across the UK and Ireland who can offer seating for rental & purchase for urgent needs.

If we can help further, get in touch: 


                Tel: +4428 777 666 24


*The full references for this clinical information can be found in The Clinician’s Seating Handbook, The Clinician’s Guide to Infection Control or on the Clinical Research pages of the Seating Matters website. 




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