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      FAQ: How to Adjust the Phoenix™ Chair

      By Martina Tierney OT · September 10, 2019 ·


      The Phoenix™ is most supportive and functional of the Seating Matters range. It's unique adjustability allows individuals with varying needs to have their posture and position easily adjusted. This step by step video shows how to easily adjust the chair, everything from tilt in space to how to make the most of the removal arms.


      The Phoenix™ is effective for adults with the following disabilities and conditions:
      • Cerebral Palsy.
      • Spina Bifida.
      • Spinal Cord Injury.
      • Parkinson’s Disease.
      • Motor Neurone Sisease.
      • Stroke.
      • Multiple Sclerosis.
      • Alzheimer’s Disease.
      • Advanced Dementia.
      • Osteoporosis.

      The Phoenix™ is effective in seating clients with the following postural and medical conditions:
      • Pressure ulcers.
      • Reduced upper body tone.
      • Kyphosis.
      • Scoliosis.
      • Muscle contractures.
      • Oedema.

      With Tilt in Space and adjustable components, the Phoenix™ will meet a range of individual support needs, sizes, and levels of mobility making it ideal for multiple users. Used in rehabilitation settings, it can assist in the development and maintenance of independence or for those with progressive conditions; it can provide additional support as necessary.

      Also available in the range is the Kidz Phoenix™.  

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