How to Access Seating Matters Chairs Through the VA

By Martina Tierney OT · February 20, 2017 ·



After extensive research, analysis and due diligence, Seating Matters were awarded a GSA VA Contract under contract number V797D-50603.  We have a team of Seating Specialists throughout the US who provide seating assessments, in-service seating training, chair demonstrations and support services to all Veterans and VA facilities across the country.  


Seating Matters are contracted through the VA to provide specialized seating to improve the comfort and well being of Veterans affected by low mobility due to injury, illness or disability.  These therapeutic seating devices are different from standard wheelchairs as they are designed to provide maximum postural support and comfort along with indoor mobility. 

The VA contract means that Seating Matters chairs are available to supply to the following VA organizations:

  • Community Living Centers (CLC).
  • VA Medical Centers (VAMC).
  • Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC).
  • Homes Based Primary Care (HBPC).
  • Contracted Nursing Homes.

In addition, we provide Seating Assessments to Veterans living at home or in the community.  


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How to Request a Seating Matters Chair

If you are a Veteran:

1. Contact your local Seating Matters office to arrange a complimentary Seating Assessment with your local Seating Specialist.  

2. Enjoy a complimentary trial of the chair which can take place within a VA Medical Center, Community Living Center or can be arranged through Community Outpatient Clinics or Home Based Primary Care teams to happen in the community where the Veteran resides.

3. Request a quote.  Your Seating Specialist or the Seating Matters head office can provide you with a quote.  This would detail the chair specification suited for the individual case and the part numbers.

4. Liaise with the Logistics and/or Prosthetics department in your local VA to order your chair.

5. Expect delivery from Seating Matters within days of us recieving the order.

6. Benefit from on going support services from Seating Matters and the Clinical Team


If you are a clinician working for VA:

We have Seating Specialists based throughout the USA to support you in providing a free Seating Assessment and quote for Veterans in your care.  They will assess the client either independently or as part of a joint assessment with a clinician from VA. Following the assessment they will prepare a quote based on their recommendations.  Once you have received a quote you can order through GSA Advantage system.

GSA Advantage Part Numbers

When ordering your Seating Matters therapeutic device, this can be done through GSA Advantage.  Your local Seating Specialist will provide a quote with the appropriate part numbers and product codes after assessing the Veteran in need.  


How Can Seating Matters Specialized Seating Help a Veteran?

The ability to re-position is often diminished in the very old, the malnourished, the injured and those with acute illness.  If postural deformities or gravity pulls the Veteran into a poor sitting position over a period of time, it can be difficult for them to bring their body back to mid line to correct that posture.  This creates uneven weight distribution, discomfort, pain, and ultimately can lead to pressure injuries which can in extreme cases cause fatal complications.  Support from the correct specialised chair can reduce poor sitting posture and help with positive repositioning to aid pressure management.  Veterans who have been injured, who are elderly or who have developed a chronic illness such as Parkinson's disease, ALS or who have other mobility limiting factors affecting their day to day life, may greatly benefit from specialized therapeutic seating which has been clinically proven to improve overall health and wellbeing.  You can find out more about the clinical and functional benefits from using Seating Matters chairs which proven as a result of our research study, here.


"We want to ensure every Veteran has equal access to the therapeutic benefit of a Seating Matters chair."


How do I Get in Contact with my Local Seating Specialist?

Please contact our office at any time and we would be happy to answer your questions or support you in organizing a seating assessment or chair demonstration at a time and place to suit you.

We can connect you with the Seating Specialist in your area.

+1 (905) 507 9007 or email us at 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Request a Seating Matters VA Brochure here for more information delivered to your door.


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