Seating Matters Secure Contract with the World's Largest Healthcare System

By Martin Tierney · September 26, 2016 ·


Seating Matters are delighted to announce a new contract that has been secured with the US Federal Government to supply Seating Matters chairs to all veteran facilities across the fifty states of America.


The Veterans Administration, commonly known as the VA, has the world’s largest healthcare system in the world, catering for 1,233 healthcare facilities serving more than 8.9 million Veterans each year.  Anyone who has served in the US forces is entitled to healthcare paid for by the US government.  



Being recognised by the federal government in Washington D.C is testament to the team of clinicians, designers and engineers at Seating Matters.  The Seating Matters in-house design and research skills ensure that the Seating Matters chairs are world leading in improving the quality of life for those with complex seating needs. 



It is an absolute honour for us to provide the best possible seating to enhance the lives of Veterans through the VA.  Research conducted with world leaders in health science research Ulster University has shown that Seating Matters chairs can reduce pressure ulcers, save money and improve quality of life.  Our chairs have been helping patients with lower or no mobility in nursing homes and hospitals in the UK and Ireland for many years and it is great to know that we can now help people with similar needs across the US.


This is the biggest healthcare system in the world and we have got the contract to supply all therapeutic chairs for them from both our Northern Ireland and American offices.  This means the use of our chairs will continue increasing around the world and this is really positive for the business.


The process to get the Seating Matters chairs on a federal VA contract was rigorous, competitive and involved close product analysis.  There was no other product like this that could cater for the Veterans’ needs in such a way that the specialist Seating Matters chairs do.  Only after extensive research, cost analysis and due diligence were Seating Matters awarded this prestigious contract.  The quality of the product along with the clinical design and evidence were key factors in the decision making.


Seating Matters have offices in the US, Canada, UK and Australia and design and manufacture the only clinically trialled seating in the world, therefore providing sound evidence of the chairs’ functionality.  Seating Matters partnered with world leaders in health science research at Ulster University to conduct a 2 year long clinical trial, to study the effects of specialist seating.  The results were groundbreaking including a reduction in pressure ulcers. The chairs are designed for those who would spend long periods of time sitting and these therapeutic seats bring comfort and support to cater for the more basic to the most complex seating needs.


Seating Matters chairs were designed by Martina Tierney, an Occupational Therapist of over 30 years, who wanted to meet the needs of her patients locally here in Northern Ireland.  In a short period of just 8 years the Seating Matters chairs are now helping improve patients' lives across Europe, Australia, Canada, America and now also supply the VA, the world’s largest healthcare institution.


If you have a patient or a loved one who you care for that would benefit from a complimentary seating assessment, you can book it today.






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