Sean Mullan Receives Top Award!

Sean Mullan, leading seating specialist from Seating Matters has received the 2013 'Seating Specialist of the Year Award' from Martina Tierney OT.
Sean carries out comprehensive seating assessments in London and its surrounding areas and always puts the needs of the clients first.
Sean has undergone extensive training on the principles of seating by Martina Tierney and is passionate about seating and the positive effect it has on the quality of a person life.

Martina Tierney OT said, 'We get regular thank you emails to our head office from clients and Occupational Therapists commending Sean on his professional and caring attitude towards his clients. Seating Matters is proud to have Sean on the team. He embodies all the qualities that Seating Matters value. Sean is a well deserved recipient of this award.'
Click HERE to arrange a free seating assessment with Sean or your local seating specialist.
Click HERE to arrange a Lunch & Learn session with Sean and develop your understanding on the importance of correct seating and the benefits it has on the seated person.



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