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Introducing DRIVE ASSIST™

By Ryan Tierney · November 23, 2016 ·

Design, Product Quality

We are pleased and proud to announce our latest innovation, DRIVE ASSIST™.

This is a revolutionary development and enhancement to our range, which will improve the lives of patients with a bariatric condition, and ensure safer handling of bariatric patients using the Seating Matters Bariatric Sorrento.


DRIVE ASSIST™ enables safer mobility at the touch of a button.  A power pack controls the movement of the chair, steered easily by a caregiver.  


This added motorized movement will enable safer handling of patients with a bariatric condition by safely driving the chair, allowing caregivers to easily steer and control the movement of the chair throughout a home or care facility.  After speaking with occupational therapists and physiotherapists, we realized a solution was required to improve mobility of the bariatric patient, whilst reducing manual handling risk to the patient and caregivers, and so we are delighted to have designed DRIVE ASSIST to meet this need.


Challenges with Seating the Bariatric Patient

Our standard Bariatric Sorrento met 4 out of 5 key challenges faced when seating the bariatric patient.  Now with the added DRIVE ASSIST™ function - 5 out of 5 are now met in one simple to use chair.

1. Accommodating the clients weight

Our Bariatric Sorrento easily accommodates patients of up to 650lbs/ 294kg / 45 stone.

2. Accommodating the often pronounced gluteal shelf

The removable cushion at the lower lumbar can be removed to allow the often pronounced gluteal shelf in bariatric patients to be accommodated, meaning their upper back is fully loaded in the chair, to allow optimum pressure redistribution, support and comfort.

3. Adequately loading the feet

Increased size of calves in bariatric patients can sometimes restrict leg extension.  To accommodate this the Bariatric Sorrento comes with a 5° negative angle on the leg rest and an extra wide footplate, enabling the feet to be fully loaded on the footplate.

4. Providing postural support and pressure management

With memory foam on all weight bearing parts and covered with Dartex multi stretch material to allow optimum pressure redistribution the Bariatric Sorrento provides maximum pressure management.  When the Four Principles of Pressure Management are applied in seating the patient, maximum pressure redistribution can be achieved to reduce the risk of pressure injuries.  The tilt in space function is an important feature which is powered and can be operated easily by the patient or the caregiver via the remote control handset.  Optional accessories can be added to the chair, such as lateral supports, if additional postural support is required to achieve midline positioning. 

5. Improving mobility

Now with the option of DRIVE ASSIST™ the fifth challenge of seating the bariatric patient can now be met with the Bariatric Sorrento.  DRIVE ASSIST™ allows the caregiver and patient the ability to easily manoeuvre throughout the care home or facility to maximize social inclusion and interaction with others.  Patients no longer need to be confined to a bed or chair in one room.

 Drive Assist is available as an option on the Bariatric Sorrento.  Ask your seating specialist about this option during your seating assessment.  

Get in touch to request more information.

We look forward to making patient handling even easier for caregivers and would love to hear your feedback.







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