Our clinicial team at Seating Matters is made up of Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy so we have a unique understanding of our patient needs when it comes to seating.

We are changing the world of healthcare seating and through this blog we are educating fellow clinicians with informational videos and how to articles,  as well as sharing key industry news, and highlighting research to support evidence based practice.

Gifting your loved ones a better quality of life

When someone we love is confined to a chair for most of their day to day lives, the last thing we want is to watch ...

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An Overview of Our Clinical Seating Research Trial Proving Reduction in Pressure Injuries

Since becoming an Occupational Therapist over 30 years ago, I've worked to improve the quality of people's lives ...

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Martina Tierney OT November 19, 2015 /

in Clinical Research

Turning Research Into Action

I have found over many years as an Occupational Therapist, that it isn’t always easy to get the right knowledge into ...

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Martina Tierney OT September 24, 2015 /

in Clinical Research

Beware of False Research!

What is good research? (First published in the OT News Magazine, 2013)....

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The Human Side of a Seating Assessment: Part 2

I have done many thousands of seating assessments during my career as an Occupational Therapist. Every now and then a ...

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The Human Side of a Seating Assessment: Part 1

By Martina Tierney OT...

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New Edition of The Clinician's Seating Handbook

Martina Tierney OT is pleased to announce a new edition of The Clinician's Seating Handbook. "I wrote the first ...

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A Bariatric Sorrento? Oh yes we did!

Our pediatric and adult chairs have been loved for years. Therapists, nurses, caregivers, patients and families all ...

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Olivia Tierney OT May 01, 2014 /

Seating Matters at Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Martina Tierney OT and Martin Tierney from Seating Matters met recently with Edwin Poots MLA, Minister for Health for ...

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The Gift of an Education

This Christmas, the Tierney family at Seating Matters have decided to direct the funds normally used for Christmas ...

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Martina Tierney OT December 01, 2013 /

in Education



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