The health, wellbeing and treatment of residents in long term care or nursing homes is a priority for many of us in healthcare.  Today, within the care home sector there are number of concerns with best practice and the right choices need to be made to ensure the best patient care.  You will often hear that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to pressure injuries this is where Seating Matters can help.   Preventing falls, preventing pressure injuries and preventing staff injuries will be at the top of the priority list for any care home to maintain or improve their standard of care.  Read on to find out how seating in the nursing home can contribute to or reduce the risk of these often avoidable injuries.


Today, pressure injuries are killing 13 out of 100 patients.  Sadly, these cases are often under reported because the injuries caused are completely avoidable and often associated with neglect of care.  Pressure injuries undoubtedly represent one of the most pressing issues in healthcare. The cost to individuals, health institutions and governments is staggering – especially considering these injuries are avoidable.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of treating a resident in your care home or nursing home, or a patient you know is suffering from these avoidable wounds, you can take action now improve their treatment, save lives and much needed healthcare funds.


Putting Research into Action


Seating Matters clinical chairs are the only in the world supported by ethically approved clinical evidence.  A randomised control trial was conducted in 3 care homes where a number of residents within nursing homes/care homes, with varying seating needs were supplied with Seating Matters chairs over the course of the 2 year independent study.  The results were staggering, revealing a reduction in pressure injury incidence as well as other notable health and economic benefits.  An economic study conducted by Ulster University proved that Seating Matters chairs can save your nursing home 4% of its budget when utilising the chairs.  By implementing correct clinical seating it can achieve groundbreaking savings for your nursing home budget, whilst ensuring the best care for the residents.

We can replicate these results in your nursing home, care home or facility!  We can confidently say this as the clinical trial was carried out in real life care settings, with residents who had diverse and often complex seating and postural needs. Replicating these results  can be life changing, not only for the patients, but also their carers.

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Injury Prevention Program


This research was the catalyst for a brand new, unique managed service, ‘The Injury Prevention Program’ to help you prevent avoidable pressure injuries, falls and staff injuries. It has been seen across the world in working practice and your organisation will see significant savings; so much so that the program is self-funding and Seating Matters covers the cost of capital investment in the therapeutic seating.  This investment is so small; only a percentage of what it is costing to treat pressure injuries.

Our specialist team will advise and support you entirely throughout the program.  Once your patients’ requirements have been identified, custom designed training will allow the program to be completed successfully.  Seating Matters provide full support with a hands on approach to constantly analyse and refine the use of the chairs and application of training to ensure that goals are being met.

Our team are on hand throughout the program to deal with the most complex of patient needs and in turn will allow to achieve the best patient outcomes, not to mention making huge savings.  By utilising Seating Matters correctly within your facility could save 11 patient’s lives per year.  Take action now to put a stop to pressure injuries; these wounds are avoidable.

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“Seating Matters have changed how I run my care home.  My main priority is for the welfare of the residents and staff at Cornfield.  The number of pressure injuries have dramatically reduced since using the specialised seats and anyone who is using the chairs sits comfortably.  This saves money in terms of treating the wounds as well as taking the strain off the care staff as they don’t have to reposition the residents in the chairs as often as before.  Seating Matters make a huge difference, I can’t imagine having any other chairs now.” – Jervis Nutt, Owner Cornfield Care Centre, N. Ireland


Family Support


We also often work directly with family members to support residents.  Families are often distraught that their loved ones seem to be sliding from their chairs causing injuries or developing additional physical or psychological symptoms.

It’s often the case that families do not realise how much proper and indeed improper seating, can impact upon a person’s wellbeing.  We’re proud to be able to offer a research based solution, proven to improve the quality of life of your loved ones by enhancing their:

  • Comfort: A person who is confined to sitting for long periods of time, unable to shift their position independently, risks developing painful pressure ulcers.
  • Safety: When seated properly in a Seating Matters chair, the body is supported ensuring the risk of a person sliding down or falling out of the chair, causing extra injuries and distress, is greatly reduced.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Correct posture in seating contributes greatly to the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of the person, improving respiration, digestion, function and positively impacting upon mental health.
  • Independence: Whilst supported in a Seating Matters chair, the person is often able to regain a level of independence, for example feeling safe and supported enough to use their arms freely to reach for a tissue, a cup of tea or feed themselves.
  • Inclusion: Seating Matters chairs are designed to be easily transported throughout a care facility or home environment, allowing the person to join their family or peers at the dinner table or in the day room.

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