Welcoming Motion Specialties to the Seating Matters Family

By Martin Tierney · October 06, 2016 ·

Seating Matters are delighted to introduce the newest addition to the Canadian branch of the family - Motion Specialities - our latest partner.

Looking after the Assisted Devices Program (ADP) in Ontario for Seating Matters, Motion Specialties are well known for the quality of their diverse range of products and their knowledgable, caring staff.  You just need to read a couple of their client testimonials to know that this is a company who cares, and that's exactly why they are perfect partners for Seating Matters.

Motion Specialities will be supplying two of our therapeutic wheelchairs which are approved through ADP to customers in Ontario. The Seating Matters wheelchairs are designed for those who require primarily indoor mobility as well as pressure management and postural support.



The Phoenix™ is the most supportive and functional wheelchair of the Seating Matters chairs.  

Designed to give maximum support to the upper body through lateral and head supports, the Phoenix™ will also adapt to the changing needs of a person being rehabilitated or meet the long term needs of a progressive condition.

The unique adjustability allows the Phoenix™ to be used with individuals of different dimensions and with varying needs which is ideal for use in acute wards or changing environments.

                                                                                      Discover more about the Phoenix™ here.



The Sorrento™ is clinically designed for the individual who requires pressure management, postural support and most importantly, comfort.  

A simple to operate and stylish tilt in space wheelchair which is designed to improve and maximize comfort as well as postural support and pressure management.

With its adaptability and effortless adjustability the Sorrento™ lends itself easily to multi-user environments where the seating needs differ between users. 

Discover more about the Sorrento™ here.


The Seating Matters therapeutic seating can dramatically improve overall health and wellbeing for those with low mobility due to elderly age, illness or accident.  They have proven instrumental in providing comfort, pressure management and support following life altering events such as a stroke, or a spinal cord injury.  They have also been credited with keeping patients safe, secure and reducing agitation in clients with chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer's Disease, or Huntington's Disease.  For patients with some mobility the powered features of the chair allow the user to tilt, recline and adjust their position to keep themselves comfortable, more independent and functional, as well as reducing the workload on the caregiver.


Clinically Trialled

Seating Matters independent clinical research proves that our wheelchairs aid mobility of patients, encourages early mobilisation as well as reduces pressure injuries by 88.3% by using the Seating Matters chairs and applying the Four Principles of Pressure Management. 


Free Seating Assessments

Motion Specialities will be offering free seating assessments to patients at a time and place that suits them as well as offering free chair demonstrations so patients can try out a wheelchair before making any decisions.


If you would like to arrange a free seating assessment or chair demonstration please contact us today by email, call us on +1 (905) 507 9007, or submit a request for an assessment online and your local representative will be in touch to confirm details.


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