ISO 9001 Certification Awarded

By Ryan Tierney · December 01, 2012 ·

Product Quality

Seating Matters has recently been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, following an audit lasting several days of our entire operating and production system.

Lead Auditor Iain Bowes from URS (United Registrar of Systems) said that,
"It was evident that the company had addressed all the relevant clauses of the standard and that the management system was operating effectively",
He went on to say that,
"Operational processes covering enquiry, order processing, planning, production control, manufacture, inspection/test and dispatch were subject to audit and proved to be operating in an effective manner".
We'd like to thank our staff and for their meticulous attention to detail and quality in creating and implementing such effective procedures and systems throughout the company. Your high standard of work ensures every chair ordered for an individual is designed and created to the highest standard and goes on to make a remarkable difference to their lives.
But we are not done just yet. With new developments in the works and an ever expanding reach, these Quality Systems will continue to grow and serve more people than ever before.



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