Hoisting and Transfers from Chairs

By Martina Tierney OT · September 06, 2016 ·

We at Seating Matters are delighted to welcome visitors to our head office in Northern Ireland.  We recently spent an interesting few hours with Aideen Gallagher, from Risk Managed.  Aideen is an Occupational Therapist from Ireland who is now working in Australia.  She specialises in moving and handling of patients with disabilities and is passionate about educating fellow clinicians on manual handling best practice specifically in hoisting and transfers from chairs.





Being very familiar with the Seating Matters chairs having had hands on experience with them, Aideen spoke very fondly about how certain features of the Seating Matters chairs can greatly assist with reducing manual handling for caregivers.  Some of these features are:

  • Anterior Tilt Function - can help bring patients to a standing position independently.
  • Riser Function - can help with stand transfers.
  • Braking Castors - can be locked to allow the chair to pivot it's position to reduce 'shopping trolley' effect.

Aideen's top tip is to get to know the equipment and familiarise yourself with risk assessments to identify opportunities that as a clinician you can capitalise on, reaping the beneifts of reducing manual handling.  

We look forward to working with Aideen more in future to develop best practice for moving and handling procedures of patients from chairs.

To view our range of specialist seating click here.

Visit Aideen's website www.riskmanaged.com.au for details of her upcoming workshops on Hoist Ed.

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