Free Clinical Seating Assessment at a Time that Suits You

The people using our chairs are of utmost importance to us. This is why we provide a free seating assessment carried out by a trained Seating Specialist before a specialist chair is ordered.

If your patient or family member requires a seating assessment please contact us today.  We have Seating Specialists throughout the world who have been clinically trained by myself and are qualified in the latest research on seating and pressure management.

The visseating_assessment_general_facebook.jpgit will allow our Seating Specialist to assess the patient’s condition and requirements as well as recording measurements such as hip width and flexion along with further notes on their sitting and transfer technique.  This ensures each chair fits the patient’s specific needs.  A free trial can then be arranged so the patient can try out the recommended chair for a period of time.

How do I know if a patient requires a seating assessment?

Patients who are continually sliding down in the chair, falling to one side or falling out of the chair are people who can really benefit from a correct seating assessment. These factors contribute to uneven pressure distribution, friction and shear which can all lead to unfavourable outcomes such as development of pressure ulcers and/or other respitory / digestive complications.

Who should book the assessment?

The person intending to use a Seating Matters chair, their family member or healthcare professional with knowledge of the patient’s condition can make the call. A quick overview of any medical conditions and their current difficulties while seated will be enough information for us to receive in advance of a visit for a seating assessment.

Who should attend the assessment?

Ideally if a healthcare professional who is familiar with the user of the chair, their condition and circumstances can be present at the assessment, it can help you in the decision making process. Any family member who wants to be present is also welcome. Should a healthcare professional not be available, don’t hesitate to organise a seating assessment without them as we will guide you through the assessment by asking questions to understand their condition and requirements from the chair.

How long will it take?

The seating assessment will be arranged at a time and a place that suits you and will normally take no longer than 1 hour.

Will I need other accessories?

Should the patient require any additional accessories or bespoke alterations to the chair to achieve optimum posture and pressure management, this will be advised within the assessment and included within your quote thereafter.

Click here to book a free seating assessment and chair trial with the specialist in your area




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