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Improving Patient Experience in Our Seating Range

Brand New Fabric developed for Seating Matters

We worked closely with our supplier to develop a brand new fabric for our range and we are delighted with the outcome.  Our new fabric is much softer which will allow even better envelopment of the body into the memory foam.




Other important properties of the new material include:

  • Anti fungal
  • Anti bacterial
  • Flame retardant
  • Waterproof
  • Stain resistant
  • Infection Control approved
  • Improved Comfort

The Importance of Infection Control

Infection control is vitally important in hospital and healthcare environments. Bacteria and germs often contribute to the development and spread of infections. They can be potentially very harmful so this is important to control and prevent, especially in areas such as hospitals, where patients may be vulnerable and susceptible to infection.

At Seating Matters we take infection control very seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease entrapment areas where bacteria and germs can survive.

Martina Tierney OT commented,

"This new improved fabric will enhance patient comfort and experience.  It is much softer and allows better immersion into the memory foam to provide optimum pressure redistribution whilst retaining high clinical standards.   This is a key improvement to our seating offering reinforcing that our range has the  highest standard of infection control in the world."

This has been specially designed for the patient by Seating Matters.  This change will apply to the paintpot fabrics  in our range.

We'd love to hear your feedback.

Fabrics available

To request a swatch of any of our fabrics please email us at





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