What to Buy an Eldery Loved one for Christmas?

By Martina Tierney OT · December 13, 2016 ·


It is often very hard to know what to give as a gift an elderly relative or a loved one with a chronic illness such as Parkinson's Disease, Dementia or MS.  It can often be the little things that mean the most to them, a comfortable pair of slippers, their favourite music playing keeping them fondly connected to great memories, or something to keep them as comfortable and pain free as possible, so they can enjoy socialising and interacting with visitors.

The best gift you could give to these family members - is the gift of comfort and safety; all day every day, all year round. 

Consider what they sit in all day.  

  • Is it fit for purpose?  
  • Does it keep them as comfortable and as pain free as possible?  
  • Does it keep them safe from accidental falls and sliding from the chair?  
  • If they have low mobility, are they sitting for long periods of the day?  
  • Do they have a risk of pressure ulcers/injuries?  
  • How is their posture?  
  • Can they stand transfer independently or do they require assistance?  
  • Can they feed themselves or do they need a helper for this task?

The Seating Matters chairs are unique in their ability to redistribute pressure off the vulnerable bony areas of the body most prone to developing a pressure ulcer.  They are built with comfort and safety at the forefront, and have been extensively clinically trialled.  They have been clinically proven also to improve overall health and wellbeing, making a positive difference to your loved ones quality of life.

Below is an early Christmas present for Margaret in Latimer Court, Worcester, her Seating Matters chair, which will no doubt become her most prized possession in the months and years to come.  

***Last chance to order today for delivery in time for Christmas!***

Call your local office today and talk to our internal Seating Specialists to find out more.

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